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WH303X Desorption tube automatic sampler

In view of the current laboratory use of desorption tube process which need to manually extract a certain gas at the inconvenience of time, designing desorption tube automatic sampler. Desorption tube automatic sampler adopts stepless or servo motor control with a stainless steel displacement pump which quantitative accuracy and accuracy up to 0.1...

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The company designed WH303X Desorption tube automatic sampler instead of the laboratory in the use of desorption tubes in the process of artificial tube sampling.The instrument uses stepless or servo motor control with a stainless steel displacement pump which quantitative accuracy and accuracy up to 0.1. Using of two micro three-way valve for the import and export of gas to ensure large sampling volume. It has continuous touch screen operation, the entire sampling process no one to intervene to ensure sample repeatability.

Performance characteristics

Performance characteristics:

1) integrated design, compact and exquisite structure.

2) stainless steel displacement pump with stepper or servo motor control with encoder which quantitative and accurate.

3) automatic control and good consistency.



Technical Parameters

Technical parameters:

1) Power supply voltage: 100 ~ 240VAC / 50Hz;

2) Power: 20W;

3) Size: 180 × 150 × 300 (mm)

4) for a variety of test tube;


What issues need customer attention?

1) The instrument has done a lot of tamper treatment, the user is not allowed to disassemble the instrument without permission, after the demolition does not warranty.

2) Since this device generates a large amount of flammable and explosive gases, the instrument must be placed in a fume hood and well ventilated. Due to poor ventilation caused by the consequences of the accident, the company does not bear any responsibility.

3) The instrument has passed the debugging at the factory, users do not enter the advanced menu to change the debugging program without permission, otherwise it is prone to error.

4) The instrument may not be installed in a room with corrosive gases, corrosive gases can make the instrument corrosion, shorten the life of the instrument.

5) The instrument may not be installed where the power supply fluctuates beyond the specified value.


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